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Friday, October 27, 2006

Cat Attacks Printer on YouTube

I thought this video was too cute - if you have a cat like mine who goes crazy whenever the printer is printing out a document, you will love this video. This is one attack cat!

Cat Attacks Printer


Monday, October 23, 2006

Smoky and Baby Smoky

We're blessed with two lovely smoky-colored cats. The first, a female named - er - Smoky, was a stray we found wandering around when my honey still lived back at his condo. She didn't seem to belong to anybody, and she was a bit skittish at first. But she warmed up to us quickly and soon came indoors as a housecat.

She's affectionate, refined, and very, very sweet. She's also the most psychic of our cats, very attuned to energy. If there's any bad mojo floating around, she's quick to come and stare at us with her huge yellow eyes like saucers and gets our attention.

About a year after we adopted Smoky, Baby Smoky turned up at my honey's patio door with his two orange brothers. Their mother, a splotchy little stray named Patches, brought her three tiny kittens to our porch so they could all feed. This group of cats was always a little wild. Baby Smoky looked so much like our other cat, Smoky, that we figured they shared the same father and/or mother. Patches might have been Smoky's mother, because they two of them did seem to get along when we let Smoky outside to visit with the new strays.

When we moved to the country we worked hard to bring all of the strays. We trapped each one individually in a humane trap. Their father, a lovely orange feral cat named Brownie (notice a pattern here of naming cats after their colors?) wasn't able to come with us. But we did bring all the others after we took them to the vet to get fixed.

The problem was that they were still pretty feral kitties, so they didn't stick around the house. We were hoping that they could remain outdoor cats and they could be fed on our back porch, but Patches and her two orange boys took off, never to be seen again. Sniff!

The only exception was Baby Smoky, who for some reason wanted to stay nearby. Baby Smoky became friendly with our white outdoor cat, Earl, and Earl seemed to take Baby Smokes in. He mentored him in all of the cool patrols around the property, and the two of them would disappear and have fun during the day and then stop in the house at night.

Baby Smokes has remained largely an outdoor cat, but when the weather turns cold he takes to sleeping inside. He likes to snuggle and receive rubs, but on his terms. If he's in a skittish mood he won't let you near him.

I like it when he comes around and snuggles in with us. Here's a pic I took the other night when Baby Smokes was relaxing on his blanket.

See how much he looks like Smoky? They must be siblings. They're both very wonderful and loving kitties.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cat in a Box

BC (short for "Barn Cat) is a charming 18-year-old cat who used to live next door to us in a barn with several other cats. I'd see him when I went out for walks, especially in the summertime. He was always very friendly and wanted to snuggle in my lap and enjoy lots of rubs.

But BC was an independent outdoor cat who came and went on his own. Sometimes he'd go on a walkabout for days or even weeks at a time, but he always returned to the barn that he considered "home."

Last winter when our white cat, Earl, died, the balance of power among the male cats in our household shifted. Earl had always been the "Alpha cat." He'd chase off any of the barn cats if they tried to come over to our house. Earl always made it clear that our house was HIS house, and he was the gatekeeper cat. If he let you through, you could become a member of the household. But if he said no and swiped you with one of his huge paws, you knew that you couldn't come in.

Earl the Cat Snuggling on the Bed

I don't think BC had ever really tried to come over to our house before. He probably knew that Earl patrolled the area.

But after Earl died last winter, word must have gotten out about it. The barn cats just KNEW.

And shortly after that BC was suddenly coming in through the cat doors in the basement and inviting himself into the house.

BC must have decided that this would become his retirement home.

This arrangement worked out surprisingly well for everyone. BC gets along fine with all the other cats. He understands the concept of the litter box (always a good thing.) And he is THE most affectionate and sweet lap cat.

We figure he's making up for 18 years of NOT getting rubs and NOT having constant access to cozy places like the tops of desks, blankets on the sofa, and laps. He's making up for lost time.

We love BC and can't imagine him not being around. We're amazed at how quickly and wonderfully he integrated into our multiple cat household.

Let's see. We lost poor Earl last fall. And Tiger, whose photo appears here, died very suddenly and mysteriously in our garden this past May. He passed away while sunning himself in our garden and we arrived at the scene just ten seconds after he died. We still don't know why he died, although he had been dealing with a urinary blockage problem, he had been treated for that and we were told he'd been improving. It was very sad losing him.

But we lost those two cats and gained BC. So the cat universe has a way of balancing things out. I have to confess that having BC around to snuggle with me late at night on the couch when I watched Law and Order reruns did a lot to help me get over the loss of Tiger. Although it still just hits me sometimes in the heart, like a brick in the chest. Sniff.

This past week we were moving my honey's office to a renovated studio/barn next door on the property. This turned out to be as traumatic as moving an entire house, there was so much involved. We've been working on this move for over six months.

Anyway, there were a lot of empty moving boxes sitting around the house by the end of the process, and the cats just LOVE empty boxes.

BC must never had had a box to play in, because he's in one of the boxes ALL THE TIME now. He takes his play mouse in there with its string and plays and plays and plays.

What a cutie.

Our neighbors, who technically "own" BC, have been delighted that BC has a warm and comfy home to retire in.

Cats have a way of finding us here.....and sticking around.

And that's just peachy with us.


Monday, October 16, 2006

Dressing Up Your Kitty For Halloween - Order Your Costume Now!

You might not realize this, but many kitties secretly enjoy playing dress-up at Halloween.

This probably isn't obvious to you, since every time you dress them up, they make "THE GRUMPY FACE," but this is just an act.

Beneath your cat's frown lies an animal who adores dressing up. Really.

It’s not too late to order your kitty costume for Halloween. Wouldn’t your kitty look cute as a jester?

Or if you're thinking ahead to the holiday season, you might want to nab a pretty jinglebell collar for your pussums.

If you're of a dog-loving persuasion, BuyCostumes has a big selection of doggie costumes.

After all, who can resist a swashbuckling Pirate Dog?

Pet Costumes available at

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tabbys Place, an Amazing Home for Special Needs Cats

Tabbys Place, an Amazing Home for Special Needs Cats

Tabbys Place is a wonderful shelter not far from where I live. It’s a state-of-the art, beautifully designed, modern facility. Its founders designed it with one intention in mind: to create a home for special needs and older cats who would normally be put to sleep at most animal shelters and to give them a second chance at life.

Tabbys Place accepts only older cats or cats with special needs, and it makes a commitment to them for the rest of their natural lives. They also actively seek adoptive homes for these beautiful kitties.

Tabbys Place is located along Highway 202 in Ringoes, central New Jersey. When you visit the kitties there, you can see how they have plenty of room to play, wonderful cat jungle gyms and special spots to call their own, and lots of healthy sunlight. Special needs cats with illnesses are put in separate areas where they can receive the medical attention that they need round the clock.

As you can imagine, it’s expensive to care for these cats. Some of them are high maintenance because of their illnesses. Others simply need to be fed and looked after while the staff tries to find good homes for them. But it isn’t always easy finding homes for older cats, because people tend to want to adopt kittens first.

You can take a look at this month’s specially featured kitties at the Tabby’s Place website. There are several cats in need of good homes, and they also need financial support from donors.

There’s Amstel, a good-natured, plump female cat who has diabetes. Her health is good, though, and she respond very well to her daily insulin shots.

There’s Bagheera, a partially paralyzed kitty who has a little cart she uses to get around. She needs a lot of attention and care because she is so delicate.

And there’s Cheba, who had a bout with cancer, but is now healthy and cancer-free.

You can sponsor one of the kitties if you like. Donations of all kinds are welcome at Tabby’s Place. No amount is too small.

These kitties need your help!

Tabby's Place Shelter for Special Needs and Older Cats

Cat Blog

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Infinite Cat Project - Kitties Are Forever

What started out as one person posting a picture of his cat regarding a flower turned into The Infinite Cat Project. The Infinite Cat Project

Now has grown into a site with a gazillion photos of cats regarding other cats through their monitors in a seemingly endless chain of cats. . .or, infinite cats.

Kitties are forever, and this website has the proof!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Prepare to Giggle - The Cat Bowling Game

I thought we could all use a laugh today. I may be a cat lover, but sometimes I appreciate politically incorrect cat humor.

So I now give you………the cat bowling game! (Warning: insanely addictive.)

Cat Bowling Game

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rosie the Black Lab Has Died - Sadness

We're sad here this week because Rosie, the wonderful black lab who was one of the two "guardian" dogs here on the farm, had to be put to sleep this past weekend.

Rosie was short for "Roosevelt." So even though he was called Rosie, he was very much a boy. A sweet, gentle, warm-hearted lab.

Technically Rosie was "owned" by our next door neighbors here on the farm, but since this is a compound of sorts where the animals mingle freely, Rosie was "our" dog, too. He'd spend summer nights with his companion, Audrey, on our porch or somewhere in the front yard.

Rosie was sensitive to etheric energy and often we'd find him camped out right in front of our door, as if guarding it against psychic intruders.

Rosie and his companion Audrey (pictured in the red sweater above - she gets cold in the winter!) had been dogmates for, oh, 14 years or more. Although they are different breeds, they've always been joined at the hip.

Rosie and Audrey have been having more and more health issues in recent years and we've all known that they wouldn't be around that much longer. But still, when Rosie became paralyzed this week and went into heart failure, it was a shock.

Rosie and Audrey are the guardians of this farm, the greeters who welcome all guests and the barkers who scold away negative energies and negative people.

We love them both very very much.

Rosie made a peaceful passing and his loved ones got to gather around, give him loving energy, and say their goodbyes.

It takes three full days for a spirit to fully pass from the physical realm to the spiritual realm, and during that time, it's easiest to have "conversations" with the spirit of the person or animal who has passed on. Rosie told us he'd had a series of small heart attacks over the past few months and had actually been in quite a bit of pain, that's why he hadn't been moving around very well and looked tired. He was happy to leave that body behind but sad to leave his dear Audrey. We promised him we'd look after her.

Audrey is doing as well as can be expected. Dogs are sharp and very psychic, so she knows what happened. She tells us that she and Rosie have alternated bad health days in the past couple of years - one week, she's not doing well but Rosie is fine, the next week, Rosie isn't doing well but she is. So she knows that they aren't going to be around forever.

Sniff. Still, it's very sad when the end comes, and there's a huge vacant space on this property without Rosie's loving kindness to brighten our days.

When someone dies, you become very introspective about the last moments you had together. Rosie loved to eat steak scraps, and we grill steaks outside on the porch about once a week. I'm very glad that I was able to give him some yummy steak pieces last week. We also gave him and Audrey treats just about every day and reminded them that they're good dogs and we love them.

But you always wonder - did I love them enough?

That's a terrible thing to ask yourself.

I think coming out of this, that's the lesson that is sticking with me.......

Always make sure that you love them enough. Daily. Vocally. And with great warmth.

Because when it comes down to it, we're all good dogs, and we're all deserving of unconditional affection.