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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cat in a Box

BC (short for "Barn Cat) is a charming 18-year-old cat who used to live next door to us in a barn with several other cats. I'd see him when I went out for walks, especially in the summertime. He was always very friendly and wanted to snuggle in my lap and enjoy lots of rubs.

But BC was an independent outdoor cat who came and went on his own. Sometimes he'd go on a walkabout for days or even weeks at a time, but he always returned to the barn that he considered "home."

Last winter when our white cat, Earl, died, the balance of power among the male cats in our household shifted. Earl had always been the "Alpha cat." He'd chase off any of the barn cats if they tried to come over to our house. Earl always made it clear that our house was HIS house, and he was the gatekeeper cat. If he let you through, you could become a member of the household. But if he said no and swiped you with one of his huge paws, you knew that you couldn't come in.

Earl the Cat Snuggling on the Bed

I don't think BC had ever really tried to come over to our house before. He probably knew that Earl patrolled the area.

But after Earl died last winter, word must have gotten out about it. The barn cats just KNEW.

And shortly after that BC was suddenly coming in through the cat doors in the basement and inviting himself into the house.

BC must have decided that this would become his retirement home.

This arrangement worked out surprisingly well for everyone. BC gets along fine with all the other cats. He understands the concept of the litter box (always a good thing.) And he is THE most affectionate and sweet lap cat.

We figure he's making up for 18 years of NOT getting rubs and NOT having constant access to cozy places like the tops of desks, blankets on the sofa, and laps. He's making up for lost time.

We love BC and can't imagine him not being around. We're amazed at how quickly and wonderfully he integrated into our multiple cat household.

Let's see. We lost poor Earl last fall. And Tiger, whose photo appears here, died very suddenly and mysteriously in our garden this past May. He passed away while sunning himself in our garden and we arrived at the scene just ten seconds after he died. We still don't know why he died, although he had been dealing with a urinary blockage problem, he had been treated for that and we were told he'd been improving. It was very sad losing him.

But we lost those two cats and gained BC. So the cat universe has a way of balancing things out. I have to confess that having BC around to snuggle with me late at night on the couch when I watched Law and Order reruns did a lot to help me get over the loss of Tiger. Although it still just hits me sometimes in the heart, like a brick in the chest. Sniff.

This past week we were moving my honey's office to a renovated studio/barn next door on the property. This turned out to be as traumatic as moving an entire house, there was so much involved. We've been working on this move for over six months.

Anyway, there were a lot of empty moving boxes sitting around the house by the end of the process, and the cats just LOVE empty boxes.

BC must never had had a box to play in, because he's in one of the boxes ALL THE TIME now. He takes his play mouse in there with its string and plays and plays and plays.

What a cutie.

Our neighbors, who technically "own" BC, have been delighted that BC has a warm and comfy home to retire in.

Cats have a way of finding us here.....and sticking around.

And that's just peachy with us.



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