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Friday, September 29, 2006

Spots the Cat

Spots the cat showed up here this winter, or maybe it was early spring. Anyway, suddenly he was hanging around eating food off of our back porch and insinuating his way into our household.

The problem was, he was a snorter.

He'd make these aggressive snorts all of the time and was a bully with the other cats. He was a young cat, definitely male, and was trying to assert himself in a household with lots of other males.

He was friendly enough with us, and he liked to worm his way into the house when we let a door open for one second too long. I thought he was charming and funny and I loved his spots, but I could see that he might not fit into our household very well. It's quite a balancing act, having so many cats in one house. It can be hard keeping the peace!

Anyway, after a couple of months of Spots hanging around, he was getting more aggressive, so we had him taken to a nice country vet who is good at getting cats placed with local farms. Maybe he would become a barn cat, we thought.

We were sad to see him taken away, but we were glad that every effort was going to be made to find him a nice home.

Later on, in a weird twist, I would SWEAR that I either saw Spots or his kissing cousin sitting calmly on a porch at a house here in town. A relative? Or was it Spots? Did he end up becoming a town cat instead of a country cat? I didn't see him when I drove by the next time, but I am dying to know the outcome to the Saga of Spots.


Anonymous avril said...

omigod.....that cat is too cute....ive never seen a spotted cat b4. Luv it!

3:39 PM


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