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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Cat Chases Small UFO

Here's an interesting first person account of a woman who saw a small, strange, glowing object in her yard. Before she could figure out what it might be, one of her kittens came along and began to pounce on it, chasing it off. You go, kitty!

Our cats occasionally behave strangely when they sense a "visitor" in the house. They love it when we do healing sessions, piling up around us to soak up the energy. But once in a while, something chaotic seems to gain entry. I'll never forget this past winter when Becka, our spunky little tortoiseshell, went absolutely batty about something.

We had just installed a new USBS port extension, and the plug in was sitting behind Tom's desk. Tom turned everything on, and immediately, Becka went wild. She was batting at the port extension like it was really bad, and she was obviously sensing some kind of elemental energy. She proceeded to bat at the air around the port, as if the energy were moving about in some way, not just confined to the USBS port connection.

We did a little clearing work on the room and the equipment, and then Becka settled right down. When she became aggressive towards the equipment, she wasn't batting at things with her paws in a playful way. She was serious and ferocious about it, going into protective lioness mode.

Animals really do sense energy, and cats are especially attuned to the astral realms.

Here's this woman's story about her kitty taking a whack at the UFO:


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Cat Survives Cross-country Move in Drawer

This must be the week for cats being delivered in inappropriate ways. had a video on their site yesterday about a cat who was accidently shipped somewhere via FedEx. "Accidentally," right. I wonder how that one happened?

Today, this article surfaces on about a Siamese cat, Lilly, who wound up trapped in a dresser drawer for two weeks when her owners moved cross country. I'm not sure how a cat could survive that amount of time in a dresser, so I'm suspicious of this story. But if you want to read the link, it's here below.

One thing is for sure - these kitties sure do get around!


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The Naming of Cats is a Difficult Matter

I found this funny article about one family's names for their cats. Any cat owner who has struggled to find just the right name for their furbaby will appreciate their creative naming system. They name most of their cats after celebrities in this very clever way.

Cat's Name Arrives Via Special Delivery
by Linda Goldston | Apr 28 '04 Mercury News

Just before they moved from Aptos to Arroyo Grande on the Central Coast, Sooz Weissberg and her family got a new kitten.

They had just lost their Bengal cat named Cosmo and wanted "another Bengal spirit in the house right away." But what to name it?

(You have to sign up at the site, but it's worth it for the article.)


Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Update on Tabby's Place

Tabby's Place, the cat sanctuary for older, homeless cats, had a Cinco de Meow celebration this past Saturday. We stopped in for a few minutes to check out the festitivitities. This non-profit organization, as I've mentioned in a prior entry, takes in older cats and/or sick cats from shelters who would otherwise be euthanized because they were unable to find homes during the brief window of time that shelters are able to keep cats. When we visited this new facility, we were so impressed at the beauty of the building, the happiness of the kitties, and the kindness of the staff.

The Cinco de Meo celebration was a fun outdoor fair held to introduce people to the place and to help get more cats adopted. When we went inside to see the kitties again, we noticed that there were maybe half the number of cats as last time. So it looks like they have been successful in getting a lot of them adopted out, which is great. Tabby's Place makes a life-time commitment to these cats. If they don't find a home, they can stay at the shelter indefinitely. Tabby's Place only takes in "hopeless cases," cats that are less likely to find adoption than, say, kittens or healthy older cats.

One reader of my blog was already moved to make a generous donation to the facility, and I thank her for her big, fuzzy heart. I'll provide a link to their website here at the end of this entry if you'd like to see about helping them out, too. It's a great place, and everybody there had a real commitment to serving this over-looked feline community.

In October, Tabby's Place will be having another outdoor fair called Tabby Road, with a Beatles theme. (Wordplay for Abbey Road, in case you didn't figure it out!)

At the Cinco de Meow celebration, the cats seemed surprised to see the big turnout of people who had shown up to celebrate felines and to help them out. Several of them seemed very aware of what was happening. (Cats can be very psychic, I've found. More on that in my future books and on my upcoming website.)

You know when an old person living in a nursing home suddenly gets a bunch of visitors at once? Maybe a bunch of family members decided to visit that person at the same time. The old person blinks a little in surprise, not quite believing that all of this attention is being focused on them. The person's reaction can be so sweet - like someone receiving an unexpected birthday party. "What? All of this - for me?"

That's how these cats were at the Cinco de Meow celebration. As people came inside to see them, the kitties sort of did the same thing. "All of these people - here for us?"

It was very sweet.

Here's hoping that Catso, Gulliver, and the other lovelies there find homes really soon.


Right now at the site, you can read about Corey, a lovely orange boy who came to them with many medical problems. They will accept sponsorships to help provide for the cost of his veterinary care. I think this is a great cause. Since Tabby's Place makes a commitment to caring for these cats no matter how costly their medical treatment becomes, they need our help. And Corey's a sweetheart!