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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Cat Chases Small UFO

Here's an interesting first person account of a woman who saw a small, strange, glowing object in her yard. Before she could figure out what it might be, one of her kittens came along and began to pounce on it, chasing it off. You go, kitty!

Our cats occasionally behave strangely when they sense a "visitor" in the house. They love it when we do healing sessions, piling up around us to soak up the energy. But once in a while, something chaotic seems to gain entry. I'll never forget this past winter when Becka, our spunky little tortoiseshell, went absolutely batty about something.

We had just installed a new USBS port extension, and the plug in was sitting behind Tom's desk. Tom turned everything on, and immediately, Becka went wild. She was batting at the port extension like it was really bad, and she was obviously sensing some kind of elemental energy. She proceeded to bat at the air around the port, as if the energy were moving about in some way, not just confined to the USBS port connection.

We did a little clearing work on the room and the equipment, and then Becka settled right down. When she became aggressive towards the equipment, she wasn't batting at things with her paws in a playful way. She was serious and ferocious about it, going into protective lioness mode.

Animals really do sense energy, and cats are especially attuned to the astral realms.

Here's this woman's story about her kitty taking a whack at the UFO:



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