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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Tabby's Place

In our continuing quest to get Teddy adopted to a good home, we checked out a new facility that opened up in Ringoes, New Jersey. It's called Tabby's Place, and it is a cat sanctuary. One man with a dream founded the place. It's a facility that only takes in "hopeless" cases, older cats who have been unable to be placed for adoption or sick cats who haven't been adopted, either. They get the cats from shelters which have scheduled these cats for euthanizing.

Tabby's Place is a wonderful, modern building, with specially designed areas for the cats to live and play. We were so happy to see how the cats were living. They all had fun cubicles and baskets and shelves so that they could each have a special spot for themselves. There are vets on staff whose only job is to serve the needs of these cats, especially the ones who are FIV positive.

The cats were all clear-eyed and happy-looking. One of the staffers listened as we told her about Teddy, and she let us put up an adoption poster for him. Since people mostly visit this facility to adopt a cat, maybe we'll get lucky and someone will inquire about Teddy.

Tabby's Place is a non-profit, and they are a great cause to donate to. I can vouch to the cleanliness of the place, the beauty of the areas where the cats live, and the kindness of the staffers there.

Let's put it this way - now I know where my extra money will be going :)



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