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Friday, April 02, 2004

It's a Plot, I Tell You

You may recall from an earlier entry that we've been trying to get Teddy, the big grey tabby who showed up here this winter, placed in a good home. I've been gradually distributing posters with charming photos of the guy to various establishments in our area, including the post office, my favorite coffee house, restaurants, etc.

The only phone call we had was from a woman who thought Teddy was her cat Bruce, which he wasn't. (Take one good look at him, and you can tell right away he's not a Bruce. He's a Teddy. This is very clear to us.)

Anyway, this week I uncovered a secret conspiracy. Both at the post office and at the coffee house, Teddy's posters have been taken down. A mysterious hand would appear to be at work. I know the owners of the coffeehouse and have enlisted their enthusiastic help to spread the word about Teddy. They were surprised yesterday when we both noticed the poster was gone, vanished from their bulletin board without a trace.

Is there an underground feline adoption poster removal organization? (With secret initials: UFAPRO.) Hmmm. This seems very odd.

Teddy is settling in better with Earl, although they growl at each other in an almost ritualistic way for a period each day. A few hours later, they're both conked out on the bed, sleeping in huge feline piles right next to each other, their differences seemingly forgotten.

So maybe Teddy is meant to stay with us? Is this a message from Bastet, the cat goddess, or some other feline aspect of Deity?

We're keeping an open mind.

In the meantime, check out this cool link. You can send free animated cat and dog ecards, complete with your choice of text, graphics, and music:


If you go to the area for lucky cats, you'll find an array of animated Japanese beckoning cats. They have them for wealth, good luck, you name it. Very cool. I love those beckoning cats. If anybody knows where I can order a ceramic one, I really want one for my office.

Then again, I might ask myself, "Do I really need more cats?"


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