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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Making Animal Contact

Over the years, I've been blessed to experience many moments of connection with animals, where I'm able to do a "Vulcan mind meld" and really see, sense, and hear what they are thinking. I've learned that the best way to make this type of connection is through beaming out lots of love and appreciation. Then they will usually come to you, calm down, or just simply take a moment and share some information with you.

I believe that we all have these abilities. We just rarely take time to develop them.

I'll never forget the time last year when our landlady brought a new horse to the farm. This big, brown sweetheart was standing in his fenced in area, getting adjusted to his new surroundings. He seemed skittish and nervous. I went up to him to try to stroke his head and say "Hi," but he wouldn't come near me.

I don't have much experience with horses, having never ridden them or been trained to work with them. What I do have is a lot of intuitive, instinctive, awareness. I find that it has clicked in from time to time, sometimes in emergency situations when some of the horses here on the farm have gotten loose, bolting from their fenced in pastures.

Anyway, this horse was very nervous, and somehow, I could tell he was stressed out. I took a moment to beam lots of love at him, doing this for several minutes. He came over to me then. I put out my arms in a hug. He reached his head over to me, and I felt a huge sigh go through him. Then he sort of went limp in my arms, completely relaxing his head on me as I cradled him in my arms. I sensed him saying that he was very scared, very worried about where he was going.

He had been shipped from a farm in Kentucky as a prospective new horse for a buyer here in New Jersey, and I don't think anybody had bothered to tell him what his future might hold. I told him that a lady would be coming to see him and that he might go home with her, but that if he didn't, he'd probably be going back home to his old farm. He seemed to express real gratitude to me then. He just wanted to know what was happening to him.

That horse ended up going back to Kentucky, where I think he was happier, anyway. But I'll never forget the heartfelt feeling of "Thanks!" I received from him after I provided some simple information about what was going on.

Here is a series of fascinating comments about how each of us can develop the technique of animal communication, which is actually an old technique of the Native Americans and other indigenous people. It can be used with horses, but the same ideas also work with cats, dogs, and just about any animal you can think of.

I plan to write more about our spiritual connection with animals in a future book, but for now, check out this great article:



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