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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Rainy Day Pusscats

Although it's spring, the weather here has been chilly and damp for the last two weeks. The cats seem to know that it's spring, and they're eager to start going outside, but every time they stick their snouts out the cat doors, they come running back in pretty quickly. So, for now, they've kicked back into slumbering cold weather feline mode. or rainy day pusscats, as we call it.

I have a theory about the random movement of cats, although I have yet to put my ideas to the test in a lab setting. My theory is that cats, on sleepy rainy days, operate as a kind of a sundial. You can tell what time it is by the position that the cats have moved to. Some of this is obviously true. Some of the cats gravitate toward the window ledges when the sun comes in the afternoon, and they follow the patches of sunlight on the carpet as it works its way through the house in the late part of the day. So you really can tell, say, that it's three-o-clock because Smoky is sitting in a certain spot on the carpet.

But I think this same theory applies to other parts of the house, too. I haven't yet put together a mathematical formula that will withstand rigorous testing, but I'm working on it. There are a few variables that I need to keep in mind. I think Tom is a big variable in this equation. His lap always has a cat attached to it, so if he's in range, my cat sun dial theory could be skewed.

But we'll see.

With eight cats on board, we're always scratching our heads to figure out a way that we can harness the power of all of these animals. If we could put them to work marketing in our respective businesses, for instance, or even answering phones, that would be an excellent use for their feline energy. I'd love to teach them to fend off telemarketers. But so far, the only "work" the cats indulge in is Kirby knocking my pencils and pens around and seating herself on piles of important documents. I'm trying to encourage her to actually do some writing. Maybe she should have her own column.

Heck, if she really became good at her craft, she could take over this blog.


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