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Monday, December 11, 2006

My Kitty Attacks Printer

So I think my tortoiseshell kitten, Becka, must work for Staples or something. Because not long after I posted in this blog about the YouTube video of the cat attacking a printer, she decided to get rough with my printer. I think maybe Staples paid her off, because they certainly benefited from it.

Usually, she's just fine sitting on one corner of my desk beneath the desk lamp. The printer always sat next to her, and she never bothered it.

But over a period of weeks she was suddenly having these spastic attacks where she'd go from perfectly relaxed and half asleep to suddenly flailing about and knocking my printer to the floor.

HP printers, it turns out, are pretty sturdy. But after about the fourth time it fell down, it was a goner.

Now I have a new HP printer and it is NOT in a cat zone.

I have it sitting on top of the box that the printer came in. One side of the box is open, and this allows my other kitten, orange guy Roman, to nest in there. Kittens love boxes. Invest in a box and leave it on the floor and your cats will always be happy.




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