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Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Call of the Kitten

Oh dear. Can you hear it? It's the call of the kitten.

If you'll recall from a recent blog entry, we had a sad experience trying to look after a semi-feral kitten some weeks ago. He managed to make a break for it and escaped through an open window when I wasn't watching him. We haven't seen this little fellow since.

That kitten had pretty much been dropped on our lap by a well-meaning neighbor who had rescued that kitten along with his two, much more friendly, sibling kitties. But something was "off" with the poor little guy. He was much more wild and spooked and probably wasn't a realistic candidate to become a house cat. But we were willing to try to work with him until he got away.

So I'm a little spooked about bringing new kitties into the house.

But the same lady who had those three kittens desperately needing home called us the other day about a new female calico kitten, about four months old. Apparently, this kitten is very people friendly and sociable, plus she's already been spayed and had some initial shots.

So this kitty might be a candidate to join our household.

Do we NEED any more cats, with seven indoor cats plus one half-feral who we feed inside each night and let back out again?

No, I wouldn't say we NEED any more cats.

But....there's this sweet little calico kitten out there and she needs a home.....

Stay tuned.


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