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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Cats Going for Walks in Woods

I'm lucky enough to live on a big farm property where road traffic doesn't have to figure into the whole cat equation. So all of our cats have the option of being indoor/outdoor cats if they choose.

I love how it still gets dark pretty late in the evening, because I can take an evening stroll in the woods. There's this special area at the corner of the property where a stream and a spring naturally converge. As you might guess, it's a vortex, and it has a lot of powerful energy. I like to go down there and sit on a log and chat with the local devas. There's a large wood deva who seems to be guardian of the area. I see her in my mind's eye as a very big female fairy creature, beautiful, serene. I'm not always tuned in enough to hear what she's trying to tell me, but some days, I'm able to receive "downloads" about what's happening on the land here.

The cats seem to recognize that this is a sacred spot, because whenever I'm headed down there for a moment of meditation, inevitably, one of them will accompany me. Many of our cats like going outside in the evening. Teddy, the big tabby who joined us this winter, likes to follow me down to that spot and sit with me as I communicate with the devas. Little Becka, our two year old tortoiseshell, also likes to come along with me, but not if she sees Teddy following me. (Teddy likes to chase Becka and has bitten her more than once. We're trying to work on his manners, but he's like a drunken Irishman at times, all bluster and brawn with the other cats. He means well, though.)

Little Roman, Becka's orange tabby brother, also loves to go to that spot in the woods with me. Roman is an easy-going, sweet-hearted fellow, happy to follow along. As soon as I sit on this huge fallen log to meditate, Roman curls up in my lap, purring his approval of the entire experience.

I like it when the cats accompany on my walks. It's one of those things you just can't do with your cats if you live in a heavily populated area with lots of traffic. But, out here, I have to say, we've become rather spoiled. It's such a pleasure to be able to do things naturally, on impulse, following your intuition where it takes you, instead of worrying about danger lurking around every corner.

If you ever get the opportunity to go on a nature walk with your favorite pusscat, I highly recommend it. In busy areas, you can also train your cat to walk on a leash with you. When I lived in Princeton, I regularly saw a man walking his pusscat on a leash in the evenings. Of course, walking along with a cat is a non-linear experience, with lots of stops and starts as the cat explores things, rubs whiskers on stuff, and just generally takes time to soak in the environment. It's very different from walking with a dog, but fun in its own way.

The nice thing about walking with your cat is that you don't have to carry along a poop scoop and do doody patrol. You can just enjoy your journey together.


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