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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Hello again!

Hello, cat lovers. Yes, I've returned to writing in this cat blog. I'm in the process of launching my new website,, and it has a cat gallery section that links to this blog. My hope is that feline fans will visit here frequently to learn more about the shenanigans (catnanigans?) that my seven, er, eight or so pusscats have been up to. Also, I'll occasionally post information on mystical stuff about animals in general and I'll include links to sites or articles of interest to cat lovers.

I have a bunch of photos I am going to add to the cat gallery so that you can see which pusses I'm talking about when I post a story about them. Until the photos are up, I probably won't make any new entries to this blog. But I'd say check back in a week or two, and things should be squared away.

Also, if you know of a worthy feline charity or organization that does good work for cats, send me an email about it, and I may add a link to their site in the cat gallery section. I already have two wonderful groups profiled - Tabby's Place and Alleycat Allies, but I know that there are many others out there deserving of recognition.

And if you readers have a funny cat story of your own to relate, whether it be a personal story about something that happened at home or a more mystical/psychic event, email me your essay. I'm always looking for interesting material to post here that will tickle the fancy of cat-lovin' readers. I'd love to read your stuff!

You can submit personal stories, interesting sites or articles, or links to feline organizations here:

Until we meet again here in my blog, here's wishing you happy whiskers rubbing against your face . . .


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