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Monday, September 06, 2004

Visiting Our Pal, Fat Cat

There is this adorable roly-poly cat who likes to sleep on a chair on somebody's porch in New Hope. We were over there the other day, strolling and shopping and enjoying a gorgeous Saturday. I hadn't seen Fat Cat (as we call him) since last year, when my honey's niece was visiting with us for a week and we went over to New Hope a lot. Fat Cat was always so friendly. The minute you'd pass by his porch and take a moment to go, "Hi, kitty!" he'd run over to receive friendly rubs.

We were happy that he's still part of that neighborhood, as he is a Bustopher Jones type of cat, with amazing rolls of pudge cascading over his mid-section. And yet, he's a petite cat overall, a small striped kitty with pretty, bright eyes. But when he rolls over on his back to have his tummy rubbed, you just suddenly notice how MUCH of a tummy there is. This is one content ball of love.

Fat Cat has this great energy. He just cheers us up and makes us giggly whenever we see him. He's a healer of sorts, instantly lifting you out of a dark or dense mood and catapulting you into high spirits.

We love you, Fat Cat. We hope you're always there at the same house so that we can come and visit you from time to time.

Next time I see him, I will try to get his photo to add to my cat gallery. He's quite the charmer. I know you'll love him, too.


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